Theory Group Members


Principal Investigator: Yogesh N. Joglekar

Contact: 317-274-6911

Email: yojoglek AT iupui DOT edu


Office Address:

Department of Physics, IUPUI,

402 N. Blackford St. LD156E,

Indianapolis, IN 46202,


Dynamic list of publications from the ArXiv.

The NSF-funded Postdoc position is currently filled. I welcome inquiries from externally funded candidates. If you are interested in joining us, contact me.

Current Group Members:

Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr. Bahman Roostaei.

Graduate students: Derek Scott, Andrew Harter, Franck Onanga (M.S. student).

Undergraduate students:

Anna Mirza, Steven Knipp, Stephen Kane, Joshua Reynolds.

  CW from top left: Franck, Andy, Derek, Anna, and Jake.                               Natalia Meijome.

Former Group Members:

Dr. Chang-hua Zhang (2006-2008; Industry).

Christopher R. Jamell (2006-2010; NCIS).

Natalia Meijome, Fourier response of a memristor (graduate student at Purdue Neuroscience).

William Karr, non-Hermitian random matrices (NSF graduate Fellow at UIUC Math).

Edwin Tham, path integral for constrained systems (graduate student at IUPUI).

Igor Minevich, non-Hermitian Hamiltonian (graduate student at Brown Math).

Stephen J. Wolf, memristors. 

High-School (Summer) Research Program students:

Harsha Vemuri, Vaibhav Vavilala (2012) (@ Columbia)

Dakota Curl (Summer 2012).

Harsha Vemuri, Theja Bhimadipati, and Vaibhav Vavilala (Summer 2011).

Mark Babbey (Summer 2010) (@ IUPUI Physics).

Derek Pesnya (Summer 2008).

Rachelle Klinger, Michael Schroeder (Summer 2007) (@ Purdue University).

Yizheng He (Summer 2006) (@ Duke University).

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