Virgo Wide Field (85 mm and 180 mm Nikkor Lenses)

(fritz kleinhans)


  Virgo Galaxies 'Wide Field' Image:
April 23-24, 2012 from Casitas de Gila, NM.

This was my attempt to photograph all the Virgo galaxies in one fell swoop and be done with them :-)


85 mm f1.4 AIS Nikkor @ f2.8 with light yellow (minus violet) filter; 13.8 arcsec/pixel.
Canon-Hutech 400D @ ISO 800 on AP Mach1 mount.

9 x 7min subs = 63 min; 3 darks, no flats (okay, so I screwed up the flats)
Without the flats there were some weird color gradients, so I switched to B&W neg for best view.













The bright, Messier galaxies are labeled.  And dozens of NGC galaxies are readily visible.



















Here is a Guide 8 chart that goes a little deeper.



























Virgo Galaxies: Wide Field 180 mm shot.
Feb 14/15, 2015; Chiefland, FL

180 mm f2.8 Nikkor at f/4 on Canon 6D full frame, uncooled, air T ~ 45 F, ISO = 800; 4 min subs x 16 = 64 min, 4 darks, flat frame.
AP Mach 1 mount, PhD1 autoguiding
Processed with Image Plus 6.0 and Picture Window 7

Field ~ 11.4 x 7.6 deg; 7.47 arcsec/pixel

As a labor of love I labeled all the galaxies (well most of them :).
The Messier Galaxies show nice detail at this focal length.
All NGC and virtually all IC galaxies are also labeled.  The pic goes to m ~ 15.5 for galaxies.
Anonymous galaxies are those fainter than M, NGC, or IC.  Except that when you look closely, the IC catalog picks up some pretty
faint galaxies, while missing some relatively bright ones.  I am not overly confident of my anonymous galaxy labeling.
There is definitely an anonymous galaxy at the locations shown, but sometimes faint stars at the same location look just like a faint galaxy.
Identifications were done using Sky Tools Pro 3 and took way longer than the exposure and processing time for this picture!