Veil Nebula

(fritz kleinhans)

  Veil Nebula (wide field):
  Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2010; Blackwell Campground, IN.

TAK 85 mm Baby Q and 0.73 Reducer, Canon - Hutech 400D @ ISO 800, AP Mach 1 mount, SBIG STV & efinder autoguide.  3.6 arcsec/pixel; 328 mm focal length.

9 x 7 min subs = 63 minutes, 3 darks, flats.

I find it hard to get the nebula to 'stand out' from the rich Milky Way background.  After viewing some other processing efforts on the Internet, I found that it is possible to reduce the stars without 'killing' the nebula; see below.





    Veil Nebula (east):
    Sept 4-5, 2010; Blackwell Campground, IN.

Tak 85 mm Baby Q, prime focus = 450 mm, Canon-Hutech 400D, ISO 800, mount probably GM-8, SBIG-STV & efinder guiding, 2.62 arcsec/pixel.

6 x 8 min subs = 48 minutes, 3 darks, flats ?











    Veil Nebula:
    Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2010; Blackwell Campground, IN.

This is a reprocessing of the first shot, above, to minimize the stars.  I used the star halo reduction routine in Image Plus following by some overall brightening.  The shot is still a little dark.








    Veil Nebula:
Aug 16 - 17, 2012; Lookout, CA

Tak 85 mm Baby Q and 0.73 reducer, Canon-Griffin 600D, ISO 800, dark red filter (#29); Losmandy GM-8 mount and guiding with Borg finder, Lodestar, and PHD.  328 mm focal length, 3.6 arcsec/pixel, slight cropping on left.

11 x 10min subs = 110 minutes, 2 darks, 3 flats.
The subs were aligned and combined, the red channel only selected, digitally enhanced ('digital development'), and then flipped to  negative presentation.