NGC 891 (Andromeda)

(fritz kleinhans)

NGC 891
Oct 13-14, 2015; Eldorado Star Party, X-Bar Ranch, TX

Tec 140 mm x Tak 1.6x = 1568 mm fl @ f/11.2
Cooled Canon 6D, ISO 800, 0.86 "/pixel
(the Tak 1.6x only covers an APS-C chip on this scope, so with the full size
6D chip there is a lot of distortion around the field edge.  The pic is slightly cropped.)
Air ~ 58 F, Camera ~ -8 C
AP 1100 Mount, 50mm f/5 Borg Guidescope, Lodestar and PHD2
5 min subs x 20 = 100 min  (5 of 25 rejected)
20 lites, 5 darks, 4 flats; captured and processed in Image Plus and Picture Window

North is to the right.  Below is a B&W negative representation with some galaxies labeled.

The cluster of galaxies to the upper left (South East) is the Abell Cluster 347.

 NGC 891 (cropped):
(Details above.)




NGC 891 (negative image):
(from above)

A few background field galaxies are identified.
Magnitudes are given without a decimal point.
Data from Sky Tools Pro 3.
I can find no identification for the background galaxy just
above 891 to the top right of it's disk.

I estimate this pic goes to about m = 19.

The Abell Galaxy Cluster # 347 is to the upper left (south east of 891).










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