NGC 7331 Galaxy Group (Pegasus)

(fritz kleinhans)

NGC 7331  et. al.
Sept 10-11, 2012; Blackwell Campground, IN

Tec 140 mm @ Prime Focus
= 980 mm f/7; cropped, full resolution, 0.905 arcsec/pixel
AP Mach1 GTO, 50mm f5 Borg Guidescope; Lodestar and PHD
Canon-Griffin 600D, ISO 800; T ~ 50's F
8 min subs x 9 = 72 min  (3 of 12 were rejected)
9 lites, 3 darks, 3 flats; captured and processed in Image Plus

Some stacking faults are evident along the left edge, as the stars
start to double out.  North is up.  In a perfect universe the frame
would be rotated to include Stephan's Quintet instead of chopping
it off at the bottom!

 NGC 7331 (cropped):
Sept 10-11, 2012; Blackwell Campground, IN
(Details above.)

Below is a labeled B&W negative image showing the
NGC galaxies present.  Several anonymous galaxies are
arrowed which were all verified with NED.  Several
are identified as 'stars' in the SkyTools 3 Pro data base
and go down to magnitude 18+.  Further down is the
SkyTools Pro 3 chart of this region showing stars to
approximately m = 18.




NGC 7331 (negative image):
(from above)









SkyTools Pro Chart of NGC 7331 Region:
Limiting magnitude ~ 17-18. North is up.
Some faint galaxies are shown as stars.








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