M76 (Little Dumbbell, Perseus)

(fritz kleinhans)

Messier 76 -
Little Dumbbell
Oct 31/Nov 1 2016; Chiefland Astronomy Village, Florida

TAK 250 CRS CDK with f/7.3 focal reducer; fl = 1825 mm
Cooled Canon 6D, ISO 1600, 2.5 min subs, 0.74 "/pixel
(this configuration only covers an APS-C chip, so with the full size
6D chip there is some distortion around the field edge.  The pic is moderately cropped.)
AP 1100 Mount, 50mm f/5 Borg Guidescope, Lodestar, PHD2, and dithering.
2.5 min subs x 42 = 105 min  (8 of 50 rejected); 5 darks, 4 flats.
Captured with BYEOS and Processed in Images Plus and Picture Window Pro

North is to the right.

 M76 (cropped and resized to 200%):




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