Messier M46 Open Cluster (Puppis)

(fritz kleinhans)

Messier M46:  Open Cluster in Puppis 
(and two planetaries)
March 5/6, 2016; Chiefland, FL.

TAK 250CRS CDK with f/7.3 focal reducer; fl = 1825 mm.
Cooled, modified Hutech Canon 6D, ISO 800, 0.74 "/pixel; cropped.
AP 1100 Mount, 50mm f/5 Borg guidescope, Lodestar and PHD2, dithered.
5 min subs x 7 = 35 min  (1 of 8 rejected).
3 darks, 3 flats; captured in BackYard EOS and processed in Images Plus and Picture Window 7.
North is to the left.


    When I first processed this image I thought the second planetary nebula was an internal system reflection of the first; so I removed it!  But it's real.  See the M46 APOD.

    Sorry for the crenulated star images.  I ran some sort of sharpening routine with less than 'stellar' results :)

 NGC 2438:
(from above, near center)
Scale = 0.74 "/pixel.

m    ~ 11 to 11.5
size ~ 1.1'



PK 231+4.1
(from top, left edge, below center)
Scale = 0.74 "/pixel.

m    ~ 14 to 14.4
size ~ 30"









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