M45 - Pleiades

(fritz kleinhans)


  M45 - Pleiades: 
  Sept 11-12, 2007; Albireo West Observatory, CO.

This is one of my first digital pics.

300 mm Sigma f4.0 Apo lens at f4.8 (Nikon mount), Losmandy GM-8 mount, SBIG-STV & efinder guiding, Canon-Hutech 400D.

ISO 400 (should have used 800)

68 x 40 sec subs = 45 min; 9 darks, no flats.  Five minute subs would have been more appropriate.

Cropped, but full resolution, 3.9 arcsec/pixel.




For a conventional camera lens, this Sigma 300 mm Apo works pretty well.  I.e Highly useable, with slight coma around edges of frame.  But not as sharp as a true astrograph, e.g. Tak 85 mm Baby Q.