(fritz kleinhans)


Sept 4-5, 2010; Blackwell Campground, IN

This is my best shot of M31.  It was taken under excellent skies with my TAK 85 mm Baby Q at prime focus.  It is slightly cropped, but otherwise is 1:1, no binning, with the original image.  The TAK Baby Q has a well deserved reputation for being very sharp.  The camera pixels here are 5.71 x 5.71 um yielding a resolution of 2.6 arcsec/pixel.
Canon-Hutech 400D on TAK 85 on AP Mach1, 48 minutes total.
Guiding with SBIG STV and efinder.








This is a 2x blow up of NGC 205 from the above image.  The dust lanes in NGC 205 show up nicely.  Amazing detail for 450 mm focal length.










This is a negative of the middle image with some of the brighter NGC 205 globulars labeled.  mag = 15-16-17 globulars are readily visible.  For a detailed list of the M31 system globulars, check out Rob Gendler's web site

Here is a hard core list of M31 system globulars.







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