Crab Nebula M1 (Taurus)

(fritz kleinhans)

Messier 1
March 4/5, 2016, Chiefland Astronomy Village, FL.

TAK 250CRS CDK with f/7.3 focal reducer; fl = 1825 mm.
Cooled, modified Hutech Canon 6D, ISO 800, 0.74 "/pixel; cropped.
AP 1100 Mount, 50mm f/5 Borg guidescope, Lodestar and PHD2, dithered.
5 min subs x 25 = 125 min  (3 of 28 rejected).
3 darks, 3 flats; captured in BackYard EOS and processed in Images Plus and Picture Window 7.
North is up.









Crab Nebula Pulsar



Here are some good shots on the Web:

Subaru Scope Image

Location of Crab Nebula Pulsar

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