California Nebula

(fritz kleinhans)

California Nebula (Perseus):
March 17/18, 2018; Chiefland Astronomy Village, FL

TAK 85 mm Baby Q with Tak 0.73 Wide Angle adapter = 328 mm fl and f/3.86.
Canon 6D, cooled, moded by Central DS; ISO 1600, 4.1 "/pixel; 5 min subs.
AP Mach 1 mount; Borg 50 mm f/5 guide, Lodestar X2, Phd2, dithering.
BYEOS, Images Plus 6.5, Picture Window Pro 7.

RGB:  14 x 5 min (1 of 15 rejected)  = 70 min, 4 flats, no darks (see dithering).


Ha: Astronomik 6 nm BP, 48 mm Dia filter; 8 x 5 min (1 of 9 rejected) = 40 min;
4 flats, no darks (see dithering).


I tired my hand at 'blending' the data in these two pics, above, to enhance the nebula.
The results were only marginally successful. I tried many approaches but this
is all new so not sure how best to proceed.  I ended up blending 100% of RGB
with 30% of Ha to get a pic with enhanced red and diminished stars, thus
highlighting the nebula.  But, of course, the nebula shines in both H alpha and
H beta so it should not be pure red.


A picture is never done.  I have added some GB to the above picture yielding
 a milder red.



  California Nebula (Perseus):
Oct 19-20, 2009; Hale Hill Observatory, IN

  Skies:  SQM = 21.0; mag 5 on Litte Dipper

300 mm f4.0 Sigma Apo @ f4.8, Canon-Hutech 400D @ ISO 800, Losmandy GM-8, SBIG-STV efinder guiding.
(cropped, full resolution, 3.9 arcsec/pixel)

5 x 7 min subs = 35 minutes; 6 darks.




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