Abell 2151 (Hercules)

(fritz kleinhans)

Abell 2151
May 25-26, 2017; Chiefland Florida

TAK 250 CDK with f/7.3 focal reducer; fl = 1825 mm.
Cooled, modified Hutech Canon 6D, ISO 800, 0.74 "/pixel, N ~ up.
Air ~ 17 C, Camera ~ -14 C
AP 1100 Mount, 50mm f/5 Borg Guidescope, Lodestar X2 and PHD2, dithering.
5 min subs x 29 = 145 min  (4 of 33 rejected)
29 lites, 4 darks, 8 flats; captured in BackYard EOS and processed in Images Plus and Picture Window 7.

I have been trying for years and years to capture this cluster; and something always goes wrong!
At last, I have captured it :)


Abell 2151
Sky Tools Pro 3 chart of brighter galaxies.




Abell 2151 (negative image):
(from above)


    Ken Crawford has a wonderful picture of this region:  A2151

    I took a small region around NGC 6039, 6040, and 6041 to estimate how deep my image goes.
    The faintest galaxies are around m ~ 21.  STP3 and NED were used for marked magnitudes.
    Ken Crawford's image and SSDS images were used to distinguish stars from galaxies.
    The faintest galaxies in my image are just marked with arrows.  No doubt many are missed
    and a few are wrong.  In the composite below, Crawford's image has been cropped, rotated,
    and scaled to match my image.  And my image is displayed at double the scale above; namely 0.37 "/pixel.


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