Abell 2065

(Corona Borealis)

(fritz kleinhans)


Abell 2065 in Corona Borealis:
May 17-18, 2015; Casitas de Gila, NM

I love this cluster as I have observed it with both an 18" and 25", with and with out a Collins Electro-Optic Eyepiece.

TEC 140, TEC Field Flattener, Canon 600D mod, ISO 800, 20 subs x 6 min = 120 min, 6 darks, flats, AP Mach 1 mount, 50 mm f/5 Borg guide scope, Lodestar, PHD2 guiding, Image Plus acquisition, Image Plus and Picture Window Pro 7 processing.  Resolution = 0.905"/pixel.



Cluster Core; from above.



B&W Negative of above, upscaled 120% to 0.75"/pixel.
For comparison with Palomar DSS picture; how far we have come!







Limiting Magnitudes:

This is a 300% upscale of the region around the bright star marking the upper left corner of the core region.  It's hard to tell the faint galaxies from the stars.  Using the awesome photo by Bob Franke, below, this was sorted out.  Then Sky Tools Pro 3 was used to determine positions.  Using these positions, the NED Extra Galactic Data Base was used to determine the magnitudes of the galaxies.  Decimal points have been omitted.   I judge this image goes cleanly to m = 20+ for galaxies.  Of course, galaxy magnitudes have to be taken with a large block of salt :)



    The best picture I can find was taken by Bob Franke with a 12.5" RCOS scope and 330 min of luminance data.